Wednesday, June 1, 2011

how 2: photobooth

Photobooth is a fun and interesting application that creates funny photos from your Apple computer. This will only work if your Apple computer and has a camera built in. These are the the steps to find and use Photobooth.

1. Open up the Photobooth application (you can also find it in the ''spotlight''.)
2. Click on the ''effects'' button in the bottom right.
3. Scroll through the effects and click on the one you like.The camera will show your image in ''real time''.
4. Click on the small red button at the bottom and smile! You will have 3 seconds until "click"! Your picture has been taken.

The picture  that you have taken will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Photobooth can also take four pictures at once or a movie/video. So in  all, Photobooth can make a boring day fun a puts a smile on your face!

These are some photos that were taken with Photobooth. My favorites are comic book, mirror, heat map and twirl! One time I played a song on YouTube while making a dance video with the Mirror effect. It looked really funny and cool. What are your favorites?

This is "Heat Map"

This is "Comic Book"

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