Thursday, June 9, 2011

think pink!


All week I've been working on a barbie house. These are the pictures of the house.I was inspired  when I saw the zebra paper and this pink tissue paper. And since everyone knows that that  PINK AND ZEBRA just scream Barbies!!I just had to make them a small house.
The room in bird's eye view. The nook is the small space made out of a hair dye (the spray kind) cap and an old candle. Use the things that you find around the house.
This is a wall covered in pictures of  small shoes. Making this effect is as simple as just printing and gluing.

Her dress is made with ribbon and the lacy stuff from my sisters dress that she grew out of.

I did not make all of this outfit, just some of it. Again, the lacy stuff, and the  part with the pink strips came with the Barbie.

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